Labour and John McDonnell Are Right To Give Workers A Stake, Says Company Law Professor

The shadow chancellor’s conference speech on September 24 set out the Labour Party’s radical new economic policies to tackle inequality and increase industrial democracy. John McDonnell paid tribute to the “brilliant” work of the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) think tank and its recent report Prosperity and Justice, upon which much of Labour’s polices are based. His speech included striking proposals on employee ownership and employee representation on the board.


Why There’s No Modern Guide To Surviving a Nuclear War

The risk of thermonuclear war has rarely been greater. But despite the growing threat, the general public are less prepared than they ever have been to cope with an attack. With Trump in the White house, Putin in the Kremlin, North Korea testing ballistic missiles and the perilous state of military security, nuclear war is…

Everyone Knows About Karl Marx, But What About Friedrich Engels?

Backgrounding Marx is hard to do, especially when 2018 is the 200th anniversary of his birth and a huge number of global events are focusing on the great man. This is his usual “leader of the orchestra” position, with his life-long friend, constant benefactor and sometime co-author Engels in his usual role as second fiddle….

Why Trade Unionism Must Fight the Export of Domestic League Football

When you think about the big beneficiaries of trade unionism, professional football might not immediately spring to mind. But, according to one observer, writing in The Guardian, it is “in British professional football that we find one of the most successful examples of modern trade unionism”.

Michael Foot Spy Allegations and Why MI6 Should Come Clean About The Past

According to The Times the late Michael Foot, the former leader of the Labour Party, was a Soviet “confidential contact” on the payroll of the KGB to the tune of £37,000 (in today’s money). This might come as something of a shock to followers of British espionage news, who have long assumed that such claims were nonsense – especially after this was found to be the case in the High Court in 1995.

On This Day: September 19, 1998

Its sometimes quite strange to think that 1998 was now a full twenty years ago. These were the days of the Oasis, Nintendo 64, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Zinedine Zidane and The X-files. There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no YouTube and the iPhone was still just the dreams of Star Trek. There had been…

The British Council’s Mandela Exhibition: History or Corporate Whitewash?

The “Mandela and Me” exhibition at the British Council in London marks the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth in 1918. The exhibition is sponsored by Anglo American, the mining giant that was the biggest corporation in South Africa during apartheid and has, since 1999, been headquartered in London.